About Us

The Short Version
A family-run t-shirt, handmade design, art, and apparel business in Kansas City passionate about making things that inspire us: Kansas City, art, music, food, coffee, pop culture, humor, faith, family, sports, anything vintage/retro, and more.

The Longer Version

We started Prolific Creations KC in 2021 when our son asked if we could design a t-shirt for a school competition. We obliged and made our first official t-shirt design. Our son didn’t win the competition, but a creative spark was ablaze.
Granted, our company is new, and we’re just getting things rolling, our story reaches further back. All the way back to childhood. Think lemonade stands, selling avocados door to door, flipping baseball cards, and writing stories on typewriters. Entrepreneurial and creative stuff. Our company is founded on that same child-like-creative-entrepreneurial spirit those many years ago.

The same spirit we hope comes through in our unique, quality, and affordable designs.

Our family has always been into music, drawing, writing, and other creative pursuits. Including starting businesses and nonprofits. We believe our Maker has put this creative spark in all of us. Prolific Creations exists to share what we love, the gifts we’ve been given, and see what sticks.

Art and creativity are for all people. We hope our company will inspire another generation of people to share their art with the world. Whatever that art may be...

With the help of our family, talented artists, friends, and people around the world, Prolific Creations KC desires to spread the joy of art and creativity. We hope to create smiles when someone puts on one of our hand designed t-shirts, sips from one of KC grown mugs, or hangs a print in their man cave.
PCKC designs everything in-house and/or with our friends all over the world.

We make our art, apparel, and designs made to order every day. We then package each one with love and care, send out from Kansas City, and around the world.

We're a family business, but we also see our customers and community as a family too. We love what we get to do, and know none of it’s deserved. All is grace. Thanks for joining our family. And if you need anything, please reach out and say hello: info@prolificcreationskc.com.

Grace Wins,
-Founder and Creative Director